Problem Solving Fundamentals Training (1-day)

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Introduction to Workshop

Problem Solving skills are almost always ranked by both employers and employees as amongst the most important skills needed to succeed and drive improvement. This need appears to exist irrespective of industry sector or function. Despite this, it is also typically identified as a significant area of weakness.

While there are a huge number of problem solving tools out there, we have found that one simple technique can significantly enhance the problem solving capability of employees for around 90% of the problems that they are likely to encounter. The remaining 10% can then be quickly and easily escalated to a smaller team who have been developed to use powerful problem solving tools for resolving complex issues.

Using an interactive problem solving simulation, participants will learn how to stabilise a process, identify problems, establish root causes and implement permanent corrective actions that prevent issues from ever recurring. Having built confidence in new problem solving skills, participants will be coached to apply what they have learned to their current problems and to plan how they can integrate the tools into their everyday work.

Learning-by-doing, not death-by-Powerpoint

Workshop Format

Course TitleProblem Solving Fundamentals
Course DescriptionStructured thinking for resolving everyday issues
Course Duration1 day
Maximum No. of participants12
PricingPlease contact us for pricing information

Workshop Content

  • What is a problem? - Developing a common language for talking about problems
  • 5 Why's - Creating simple cause and effect chains that breakdown a problem
  • Effective action planning - The importance of standard work, visual controls and error proofing
  • Stabilising a process- Applying 5 why's thinking to stabilise a process and prevent problems from occurring
  • Identifying the root cause of problems - Understanding how and when 5 Why's can be used to resolve problems that have occurred
  • Learning from problems - Extending 5 Why's thinking to maximise the learning from problems and incidents.
  • Bringing simple problem solving into your world - Agreeing tangible actions that will support the introduction of this toolkit into your work environment

Who should attend?

This workshop is targeted at all employees that need to resolve problems within their business. In most organisations we work with, that's pretty much everyone.

Whether you are an engineer, a production manager, a laboratory technician or an IT manager it is likely that problem solving is fundamental to your role.This workshop will teach you simple tools in an experiential way that will enable you to signficantly improve your on-the-job problem solving skills.

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