Transforming your workplace with the power of 5S

Here at Pico, we define Operational Excellence as;

Having an operations capability, that offers a genuine competitive advantage, from consistently delivering ahigh qualityprofitable productexactly when the customer needs itsafely”.


For our clients this means;
• That all employees take responsibility for safety, and continuously work to maintain and improve their work environment (Safety)
• That employees understand those factors in the work area that impact the right-first-time quality of the work that they are doing (Quality)
• That employees avoid unnecessary waste and rework (Cost)
• That employees work in a timely manner, and continuously eliminate bottlenecks in the process that might slow down delivery (Service)

A key best practice framework that underpins the delivery of all of these key components of excellence is 5S. The 5s’s are Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain.


Delivering value from adopting 5S requires more than just workshop based learning. It requires practical application, coaching and leadership support. When implemented correctly, 5S can become a key aspect of your businesses’ “operating system”. It enables you to create and maintain a work environment that is safe, error-free, efficient and pleasant to work in.
Pico can provide training in 5S via with what we call a “Learn-do” approach. That is, integrating the training with the delivery of practical improvement. In that way, participants will gain practical skills in its application, whilst seeing first-hand the benefits that can be delivered.
We will take a significant work area of your business, and transform it, by thoroughly applying the 5S principles. We recommend you chose an area that is currently considered to present you with operational problems. It should be an area where there will be sufficient challenge for participants, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate tangible efficiency, safety and quality improvements.
Following this training, you will have a team of engaged 5s practitioners, with first-hand experience of delivering 5s improvement. They will also have transformed a key work area; to become well organised and clean, where waste is minimised, where risk is reduced, and where employees are engaged in systematic & continuous improvement.

Please see the table below for details of this course:

Capability Level


Course Name

5s: Creating a safe, lean & error free workplace

Course Duration

3 days basic training + 3 days onsite coaching

Maximum No. of Participants



In-house at your site

Content & Costs

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