We define strategy as; “the set of decisions that defines what the business will (and will not), focus its resources, time and attention on, in order to successfully adapt to an ever changing environment”.

Unfortunately we find that many leaders get the strategy process painfully wrong (find out why here).

In our experience, leaders often shy away from involving external support in developing a new strategy for fear of a loss of control. Indeed the traditional approaches to strategy of many of the “top tier” consulting firms involves dumping armies of analysts in your business to produce the right answer for you.

Our approach is different. It isn’t about telling you the answer to your strategic questions, but about taking your leaders on a formulation journey that helps them to make the right decisions for themselves. Besides, how could we possibly know more about your business, products and customers than you do?

Pico can take your leadership team through a proven process that generates powerful alignment and clarity. Having been through the journey of decision making for themselves, the whole leadership team feels an attachment to its successful execution.

By then building high performance teams (4-Step GAP), and developing Organisational Project Management Capability, you will have embedded the capabilities, process and culture necessary to deliver remarkable results.

Please browse our services below, and find out more about our work in strategy formulation and execution:

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