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As CEO or Senior Director in your organisation, you are ultimately accountable for building a business that can consistently, safely and ethically deliver enhanced customer value and positive returns to your shareholders. You are responsible for inspiring your people with a compelling vision, clarifying that vision into meaningful improvement goals & activities, addressing capability and resource gaps as well as ensuring true accountability for performance.

Your goals

We believe that the key to consistently growing shareholder returns is the continual pursuit of enhancing the customer experience, while relentlessly driving out waste. To continuously enhance customer value, leaders’ must consider all aspects of the customer experience. This includes; product quality, lead time and service levels, the ease of doing business and the support provided by your organisation throughout the buying process and the lifecycle of the product.

It is only when an organisation considers all aspects of the end-to-end customer experience, that true satisfaction can be delivered to support both retention and growth. Achieving this often requires a fundamental shift in the way that you think about your business, your processes, your culture and your capabilities.



Relentlessly driving out waste does not just mean reducing the cost-to-serve (though this is clearly one benefit that can significantly enhance profitability). True waste elimination can only take place when there is a deep understanding of what the customer values and your people are inspired, capable and held accountable for eliminating the non-value-added activity; every single day.

Common Challenges

The most common challenges we identify are with an organisation’s inability to align their people, purpose, principles and processes to the pursuit of these two objectives. In particular, we commonly find disconnects in:

  1. Developing a clear strategy that offers a compelling competitive advantage, along with the full support & engagement of the Leadership Team
  2. Implementing the strategy to effectively transform the processes, behaviours and culture of the organisation. Change is hard. Many organisations fail to align the right leadership behaviours, processes, communication strategy and governance to make it stick.
  3. Dealing with product and customer complexity. As organisations grow, the product portfolio typically expands, creating the potential for significant waste and complexity across the business. Also, product pricing does not often reflect real product complexity and the true cost-to-serve each customer.
  4. Aligning the New Product Development (NPD) and Innovation process with the pursuit of improving product quality while reducing development lead times and cost. In addition, much of the waste experienced in manufacturing and the supply chain is often institutionalised due to ineffective New Product Development (NPD) practices.
  5. Driving out waste from Manufacturing & the Supply Chain. The consistent pursuit of waste elimination is the key to both enhancing the customer experience and reducing cost of sales. As processes are stabilised and waste is eliminated, flow across the end-to-end value stream is achieved. This improves product quality, yield and delivery performance, significantly reduces customer lead time and strips out wasteful manufacturing and supply chain costs.
  6. Developing an effective process and culture in Project Management. For many organisations’, Project Management is the vehicle through which change happens. Effective project management supports new product development, capital and improvement projects as well as major change initiatives. Common symptomns of a poor process and culture in project management include projects that are frequently delayed, over-budget or failing to deliver on the needs of key stakeholders.

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