CASPER™ Problem Solving Training (4-day)

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Breakdown & prioritise complex issues

Get to the real root cause of problems

Make effective decisions

Identify and eliminate risk

Get things done, efficiently and effectively

The CASPER™ process

CASPER™ is our thinking and execution process for confidently resolving any type of business or technical issue with both speed and dependable accuracy. It provides a powerful framework & common language for breaking down complex issues, getting to the root cause of challenging problems, making difficult decisions and effectively mitigating risks. Once actions have been defined, it provides a proven execution process that drives real accountability within your team. This allows you to consistently get things done, efficiently and effectively.

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Through years of experience in helping our clients deliver measurable improvement, we have found that the basic structure to resolve any type of issue is the same: Clarify it, Analyse it, Select the course of action, Plan it, Execute on it, and Review its success. CASPER™ provides the thinking and execution process that will empower you to take on your biggest challenges and deliver remarkable results.

Getting to grips with your 'whirlwind'

The ‘whirlwind’ is the collection of issues, problems, decisions, risks, meetings and emails that fight for your time every day. It is the quality problems that keep coming back, the machine that continously breaks down and the systemic yield losses that are hurting your profitability. It is the multitude of issues with the new product launch, the supplier that keeps letting you down and that key customer that just threatened to go elsewhere. The whirlwind sucks in huge resources, saps energy, disappoints customers and demotivates you and your team.


With the ‘whirlwind’ ever present, finding time away from it to focus on personal growth can be a real challenge. Sadly, too few training courses provide both the practical tools and the motivation to immediately apply what you have learned. Instead, the whirlwind slowly builds in your absence, waiting to thoroughly ‘rough you up’ on your return. You quickly forget your new skills and before long you are back to the same daily grind.

We recognise this. That is why our experiential training courses have been specifically developed with the ‘whirlwind’ in mind. During the training, you will learn powerful new techniques for thinking and ‘doing’. You will build confidence using challenging case exercises and then, supported by an experienced consultant, immediately begin tackling the issues that are creating your own ‘whirlwind’ today. Our participants typically leave our workshops not only having made significant progress on their most pressing issues, but with a clear action plan to deliver positive and measurable change.

Workshop Format

We run this course in-house at our clients' global locations, as well as via our public workshops held in Windsor, UK.

Course TitleCASPER™ Problem Solving
Course Duration4-days (normally split as 2+2 days)
Maximum No. of participants16
PricingPlease contact us for pricing information

Workshop Content

  • CASPER™ Introduction (Discover the power of 'good thinking' and 'good doing')
  • Situation Analysis (Breaking down & prioritising complex issues)
  • Problem Analysis (Getting to the root cause of problems)
  • Decision Analysis (Making difficult choices)
  • Risk Analysis (Identifying and eliminating risk)
  • The Performance System (Understanding what influences human behaviour)
  • Execution (The process for consistently getting things done, efficiently and effectively)

Who should attend?

The CASPER™ process provides a powerful framework for anyone involved in delivering change and improvement. Our clients' come from a wide range of functional backgrounds including Operations & Supply Chain, Quality, Maintenance & Engineering, Research & Development, Human Resources and the Commercial functions. Regardless of your function or level of seniority in the organisation, the CASPER™ process can help you to make a measurable and sustainable breakthrough in business performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1. We've already done a lot of training in problem solving, will adding another 'tool' just confuse people?

  • We're just as frustrated about the confusion than can be caused by exposing your team to an array of tools without making the link between them. Your team may have already been exposed to methodologies such as 5 Why's, Ishikawa/Fishbone diagrams, Six Sigma (DMAIC) and A3 Problem Solving Sheets. The CASPER™ methodology makes clear links that explains exactly how these tools fit within our own proprietary process. The result is far less confusion, not more.

Q2. I believe that we have a weakness in problem solving but others in my management team are skeptical. What can I do?

  • We're happy to arrange a demonstration of our methodology to your leadership team so that you can experience the power of the techniques for yourself. We're extremely confident that once you have seen the CASPER™ methodology in action you and your team will believe in its power to transform your performance. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Q3. Can you customise your training for our specific needs?

  • Yes we can. We'll also take some time ahead of the training to familiarise ourselves with your business so that we ensure it continuously stays relevant to your world and your challenges.

Breakdown & prioritise complex issues

Get to the real root cause of problems

Make effective decisions

Identify and eliminate risk

Get things done, efficiently and effectively

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