Developing Organisational Project Management Capability

What is it?

Organisational Project Management Capability is your total organisations ability to consistently define, plan and implement projects such that strategy execution becomes a significant strength in your business.

In working with Pico to develop your Organisational Project Management Capability we will either:

(1) Directly install the Pico Project Management process into your business

(2) Integrate best practice from Pico Project Management into your existing process

For generic project management that needs to be suitable for a wide range of project types, option (1) is typically the best alternative. The Pico Project Management Process is both lean and powerful and has demonstrated effectiveness with our clients. We can offer standard training programs which will also negate the need for developing a new process and training materials.

For specific types of project management process, such as New Product Introduction (NPI), it may be preferable to work with you to develop a more specific process for the type of projects you are dealing with. This is described in Option (2). We will work with you to document your current state, develop a future state process and create all of the templates and training materials required.

In working with you to develop your Organisational Project Management Capability, Pico will work with you to;

(1) Define the appropriate project management process for your business

(2) Develop your people in this project management process

(3) Ensure that the process is reflected in your workflow and/or software

(4) Ensure that your leaders understand and reinforce the new process

(5) Provide ongoing coaching of the process to your project managers

How does Developing Organisational Project Management Capability with Pico help?

For many organisations, projects are the vehicle through which change happens. Having revised an organisations strategy, the leaders will typically draft an array of projects and programmes to deliver on it. If executed well these projects will deliver the strategy and transform the organisation. If delivered poorly the business will fail to change, and leave itself deeply exposed to new threats, or ruing missed opportunities. The difference in these two potential outcomes is defined by the effectiveness of your Organisational Project Management Capability. This is not a capability you can afford to leave to chance.

To achieve and sustain this capability, your project management process, training, coaching, software, and leadership behaviours have all got to be aligned. In addition, your project management process has got to be both lean and powerful. When you have a lean and powerful process, coached regularly, supported by templates or software, and reinforced through effective leadership behaviours, you have systematically developed a culture for outstanding project management.

Pico Consulting has the process, the know-how and the experience to lead you through this transformation successfully. At the end of the engagement you will have developed a highly effective machine for successful strategy execution.

How do you do it?

The engagement will consistent of a combination of training, consulting and coaching events.

  • Basic training in the Pico Project Management Process is a 3-day workshop. We allow up to 16 participants to attend each session, and we can run as many sessions as are required to develop your total project manager base.
  • Developing expert-coaches involves a 2-day extension to the basic workshop followed by on-the-job coaching. We will allow up to 8 participants to attend this session.
  • A Sponsors Workshop can be organised for your senior leadership team to expose them to the new process and achieve their commitment to it. This is typically an intensive 1-day engagement.
  • The number of consulting and coaching days to support the role out will vary but 10-20 days would be typical.
  • Should you be interested in supporting the role out with cloud based portfolio management software, we have an established and powerful solution for this.

Please contact us to find out more.

The total duration of the engagement will depend on the size of your organisation. It will also depend on the project management process being deployed, and the number of projects & project managers that you have. In developing a solution with you, we will take time to understand your business so that we can carefully define the scope and duration of a successful work programme.

Want to speak to us about Developing Organisational Project Management Capability? Why not contact us to find out more.

Want to get exposed to our Project Management Process? Why not organise some in-house training with a pilot group to see if it is the right process for you?

Also please take a look at our article: why are projects important?

What should we do next?

Effective problem solving, decision making and execution will significantly enhance the ability of your Project Managers to resolve issues on projects. Building your Organisational Issue Resolution Capability will give your teams the skills required to cope with any issues their projects may throw at them. A great way to get exposed to these techniques is to organise a training workshop in the CASPER Issue Resolution Model.

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