Strategic Decision Facilitation

What is it?

There are times as a leader when you meet a crossroads and you have to make a key strategic decision before the business can move forward. For example;

  • Which business should we acquire to build our strength in a new market?
  • In which geographic market should we open a new office?
  • Which new product line should we launch?

Strategic Decision Facilitation is typically a shorter engagement where our consultant will facilitate your leadership team to expertly make a key decision affecting your business.

Using our powerful process for effective strategic decision making from within our CASPER Issue Resolution model, we can ensure that your team is combining good thinking with good doing to make an effective choice and see it through to completion.

How does a Strategic Decision Facilitation with Pico help?

Strategic decisions can change the shape of your organisation and ultimately lead to business success or failure. But these decisions are complex and getting them right is critical. With so many competing objectives and leadership opinions, how do we make the right choice so that the whole team can buy into it?

Making a big strategic decision without the involvement of the rest of your leadership team carries two major risks:

  • That you have missed key data, market intelligence, insights or risks that would have otherwise led you to a different alternative
  • That even if you make a good choice, your leadership team will not have been sufficiently involved in the decision process to be engaged with its outcome and successful execution

Both of these significant risks can be mitigated through expert facilitation. Our consultants can help you to make visible the key facts, market intelligence and leadership insights that will shape the decision. They will bring structure to the thinking so that alternatives are rationally assessed and your whole team get the opportunity to debate and ultimately understand the logic of the choice.

How do we do it?

Whilst every strategic decision is different and some take longer to determine than others, an engagement duration of 1-5 days is typical.

During this time we will come onto your site and work directly with your leadership team and key stakeholders. We will facilitate the team to agree on the criteria for choice, and the alternatives to be considered. When required, we can help you to collect key facts and market intelligence that are necessary to make the decision. Once the data is collected we will help you to assess all of the alternatives against the criteria, taking note of any major risks.

Having made the choice we will help you to plan the execution, drive accountability into the team and make it happen. Should the execution of the strategic decision warrant creating a new project, we can offer Project Management Facilitation to structure the definition and planning to ensure sound delivery.

Want to speak to us about Strategic Decision Facilitation? Why not contact us to find out more.

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What should we do next?

Having just made a key strategic decision it is important that it is executed well. Our Project Management Facilitation or Project Management Training can help you to deliver this key strategic initiative on-time, and on-budget.

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