Problem Solving & Issue Facilitation

What is it?

Problem Solving & Issue Facilitation is typically a shorter engagement where our consultant will facilitate your teams to expertly resolve a major issue.

Our CASPER Issue Resolution model contains an extremely powerful process for root cause analysis. This process will ensure that we are asking the right questions, and will help us to quickly find the root causes with you. From there we can develop an effective plan to correct those causes, create accountability within your team for execution, and coach you through to resolution.

How does a Problem Solving & Issue Facilitation with Pico help?

Most organisations hate problems. Here at Pico we love them. We love them because we know that we have the issue resolution process that can consistently help you to solve them. No problem is too complex or too technical for us to tackle. No industry is out of bounds.

We are extremely experienced problem facilitators who can help you to quickly find and resolve the root cause/s of your quality, production and engineering issues. This can save you huge time and money, and quickly restore business confidence.

How do we do it?

Whilst every problem is different and some take longer to solve than others, an engagement duration of 2-5 days is typical.

During this time we will come onto your site and work directly with your people who are closest to the problem. We will ask to see the problem and process as much as possible, before facilitating you through our powerful root cause analysis method. Where necessary we will help you to gather the key data, and ensure that this is an important input into the thinking.

Using the facts, we will find a most likely cause that is supported by the team, and define effective actions to permanently eradicate it. We will also explore other actions that need to be taken to prevent reoccurrence anywhere else in your business. Using this plan, we will will leave your people with a powerful execution process to ensure accountability amongst team members to deliver all of the actions in a timely fashion.

Want to speak to us about Problem Solving & Issue Facilitation? Why not contact us to find out more.

What should we do next?

Problems happen because risks that previously existed were allowed to materialise. The best organisations realise that problem prevention is the real key to continuous improvement. Through Process Risk Reduction Facilitation, Pico can facilitate and coach your people through a process that proactively identifies and eradicates the major risks in your business. This will significantly minimise the potential of major issues reoccurring in the future.

Alternatively, having used us for Problem Solving & Issue Facilitation you will have seen the true power of our issue resolution process. Following this, you may want to train your own people in our CASPER Issue Resolution Model.

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