Following a revision to an organisations strategy, leaders will typically draft an array of projects and programmes to deliver on it. If executed well these projects will deliver the strategy and transform the organisation. If delivered poorly the business will fail to change, and leave itself deeply exposed to new threats, or ruing missed opportunities. The difference in these two potential outcomes is defined by the effectiveness of your Organisational Project Management Capability. This is not a capability you can afford to leave to chance.

Building Organisational Project Management capability requires much more than just training however. In fact, we would go as far to say that training doesn’t work (well at least not on its own). Find out why here.

The key is that your project management process, training, coaching, software, and leadership behaviours have all got to be aligned. In addition, your project management process and software has got to be both lean and powerful. When you have a lean and powerful process, coached regularly, supported by templates or software, and reinforced through effective leadership behaviours, you have systematically developed a culture for outstanding project management.

Through our consulting, facilitation and training services, Pico can help your organisation to transform its project performance, and deliver remarkable results.

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