Process Risk Reduction

What is it?

Risks in your process are ticking time bombs of significant quality, safety, and service failures. Whilst effective problem solving is extremely important, if you are only managing problems once they have occurred, you are (by definition) not managing your business with the goal of achieving zero failures.

Process Risk Reduction is about proactively & systematically identifying, prioritising, and eradicating the major risks to your operations.

How does Process Risk Reduction with Pico help?

Even those businesses that have already worked hard to significantly reduce their safety risks, have often failed to treat quality and service failures with the same prevention mind-set. Using our powerful process for effective risk reduction from within our CASPER Issue Resolution model, we can ensure that your team is combining good thinking with good doing to tackle all of the risks that are preventing you from achieving Operational Excellence.

By engaging with Pico, we can help you to eradicate your highly probable and serious process failures leading to the following benefits:

  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Reduced internal rework & scrap
  • Stable & improved cycle times
  • Fewer machine breakdowns

How do we do it?

Whilst every Facilitation is different depending on the complexity of your process and the capability of your teams, an engagement duration of 4-8 days per cell, line or process area is typical.

During this time we will come onto your site and work directly with your assigned team. We will map out your process to understand it in detail, before systematically identifying and prioritising the major risks. As part of the engagement we will also help you to create a continuous improvement process for planning the actions, executing them and reviewing progress. This will drive a culture of real team accountability & continuous improvement into your business.

To be clear this isn’t just a paper exercise, but practical, hands-on improvement that delivers instant results whilst transferring key skills. We will leave behind a capable and accountable team that will continuously drive risk out of your business as part of their everyday work.

Want to speak to us about Process Risk Reduction? Why not contact us to find out more.

What should we do next?

Having used us for Process Risk Reduction you will have seen the true power of good thinking combined with good doing. Following this, you may want to train your own people in our CASPER Issue Resolution Model to learn the full tool kit for breaking down complex situations, solving problems, making decisions, driving down risk, and building effective planning and accountability into your teams.

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