Issue Resolution

In our experience, an inability to resolve issues effectively and efficiently is typically a result of unstructured thinking or flawed execution (Find out more here)

We’ve seen organisations that are quite good at getting things done, but 9 times out of 10, what they are doing is completely useless. For example, to try and resolve a quality problem, they have made a dozen changes to a production line. However none of those actions have had any impact on the problem at all, as they have failed to address the root cause. These actions have been a waste of people’s time, and a waste of money. The organisation is missing a good thinking process.

We’ve seen other organisations that are actually pretty good at thinking. Often they’ve already made some investment in this capability, and their ability to find the root cause or make a decision is relatively sound. They fail because they are poor at execution. They’re just not very good at creating an action plan and holding each other accountable to deliver on it. The action plan falls behind and as soon as another crisis emerges, the whole thing is forgotten about. A few weeks later the same team is back in the room discussing the same issue. The organisation is missing a good doing process.

CASPER is our methodology for ensuring that your teams are consistently applying clear thinking and effective execution to your organisational issues. CASPER stands for Clarify-Analyse-Select-Plan-Execute-Review, and it has the ability to transform the performance of your organisation.

When CASPER is embedded into a business culture the results can be astounding. Problems get resolved quicker, decisions are carefully thought through and executed, whilst the driving down of risk makes your production processes safe, reliable and speedy. Teams think clearly and use good quality data and information to act. They also plan effectively, and hold each other accountable for delivery. CASPER can help you to make a breakthrough in business performance through effective issue resolution.

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