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About you

As a Director or Manager for Human Resources (HR), you are accountable for supporting the business to achieve its strategic goals via the effective recruitment, administration, remuneration and capability development of employees at every level.

Your goals

You are responsible for attracting the best available talent to the organisation and establishing robust processes for thoroughly evaluating the suitability of candidates for each available role. The organisation is likely to judge HR performance on the level of support provided, along with the speed and quality of candidates that are screened and presented to the business for final selection.

As a HR Director or Manager, you must also ensure that key support and administrative processes  are lean and user friendly to deliver a high level of service to the rest of the organisation. This will enable employees to focus on their core value-adding activities without excessive administrative burden; a common cause of employee dissatisfaction and turnover.

Remuneration is also a key driver of employee dissatisfaction and turnover. The HR professional must ensure that remuneration and incentive schemes remain competitive, support retention and drive the right employee behaviours.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you are responsible for ensuring that appropriate processes and culture are established throughout the organisation to support individuals and teams to maximise their potential while delivering superb results for the organisation.

Common Challenges

While HR Directors and Managers are typically faced with a great number of day-to-day challenges, the following represents some of the bigger, more strategic concerns that we frequently observe:

  1. Effectively supporting and developing the Senior Leadership Team. A HR Director will typically have a vital role to play in observing and resolving issues with the capabilities, behaviours and dynamic of the leadership team. The best senior HR professionals take a macro view of leadership team effectiveness, enabling them to provide regular coaching and feedback while identifying and resolving key capability gaps.
  2. Supporting Business Transformation As organisations constantly reinvent themselves to keep pace with their rapidly changing environment, employees can often be left behind. The result is failed change initiatives that frequently do not deliver on the intended business outcomes. Often, systems and organisational structures are modified will little or no regard for how the organisation will support employees through the change, how new capabilities will be developed and how new behaviours will be encouraged.  We have found that senior HR professionals can play a critical role in ensuring that the organisation carefully plans for, and meticulously executes, both the physical and the human changes required for any change.
  3. Introducing lean and user centric HR processes. HR are responsible for many important business processes in recruitment, administration, remuneration, capability development and retention. When there is waste in these processes, it typically impacts all employees and drains productivity. Ensuring that these processes are lean and fit-for-purpose, while aligning behaviours around them is a key challenge for many senior HR professionals.
  4. Identifying and selecting training and consulting partners that can help the organisation to develop new skills and behaviours to drive the business forward. These can include gaps in skills for leading change, project management, problem solving, coaching, execution accountability and lean tools for driving out waste from all business processes. The most effective HR professionals work with other leaders in the business to not only identify appropriate training, but to support them as a partner in executing on the required organisational behaviour changes.

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