The Lean Management System (3-day)

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Introducing Lean

Lean is a people driven continuous improvement system that can improve any work process by increasing value to the customer while relentlessly eliminating waste in all its forms. When Lean Thinking is embedded into the work culture of an organization it becomes the central pillar for consistently delivering Operational Excellence.

Many organizations begin their journey by introducing their workforce to the various tools associated with lean such as 5S, Quick Changeover, Pull Systems & Kanban inventory replenishment. While these tools can deliver isolated benefits, they are typically not sustained because:

  1. Improvement teams are attempting to problem solve in a fundamentally unstable environment. Without adequate controls in place and leadership discipline to enforce new ways of working, any improvement actions are likely to be short lived.
  2. Improvement is seen as the responsibility of the “improvement team” only. Those at the frontline of the organisation (who typically possess the greatest improvement potential) have their responsibilities limited to just“meeting the schedule” rather than driving improvement.

The Lean Management System

The principle reason for these failures is that while elements of a Lean Production System have been introduced, they are not supported by an effective Lean Management System to enable the adoption of stable processes, visual controls, daily continuous improvement and disciplined leadership behaviors at every level.

An effective Lean Management System must therefore be deployed before, or in parallel with, any targeted improvement effort. The key elements of a Lean Management System are:

  1. Creating visibility of performance through visual management. This involves tracking the key metrics that the team can genuinally influence.
  2. Creating accountability for performance via rapid and effective Tiered Accountability Meetings that drive daily/weekly action and sustained improvement activity.
  3. Devloping capability in basic problem solving. This involves adopting a process focused mindset that encourages teams to identify the underlying process disconnects rather than just today's 'Operator Error'.
  4. Creating stability in the process and work environment via effective deployment of standard work, the 5S process and visual controls that quickly communicate process health.
  5. Enabling effective Leadership discipline to sustain the above via the deployment of Leader Standard Work (LSW) with Gemba Walking (going to the where the work is gone and value is added)

Learning-by-doing, not death-by-Powerpoint

Workshop Content

All of our workshops are highly interactive and experiential. We believe in learning-by-doing, not death-by-Powerpoint. During the workshop you will be taken through the Lean Management System step-by-step by one of our expert consultants. After each step you will have the opportunity to apply the learning to case studies as well as your own projects.

Towards the end of the workshop, you will develop an agreed execution plan for deploying the key elements of the Lean Management System within your business.

Key topics incude:

Day 1

  • Introduction to Lean & the 8 Wastes
  • The Lean Leadership Mindset
  • Concept of Flow
  • Introducing the Lean Management System
  • Deploying Lean Goals & Principles (Hoshin Kanri)

Day 2

  • Introducing the 'whirlwind' and time management
  • Visual Management
  • The Tiered Accountability Process
  • Basic Problem Solving

Day 3

  • Introduction to 5S, standard work & visual controls
  • Driving Behavioural Change
  • Leader Standard Work (LSW) & Gemba Walking
  • Developing a Lean Management System deployment plan

Workshop Format

Course TitleThe Lean Management System
Course DescriptionDeveloping leaders to accelerate & sustain lean continuous improvement
Course Duration3-days
Maximum No. of participants16
PricingPlease contact us for pricing information

"We have all really appreciated the work you put into these last 3 days, I also feel we are now on the right track and in a good position to start making some significant improvements"

  • Chris D (R&D Director, US Chemical Company)
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