CASPER™ Problem Solving and Issue Resolution Training


You and your team have goals…

You have a great number of issues that, left unresolved, will prevent you from achieving those goals…

To be succesful, you must resolve those issues; quickly, confidently and permanently…

To do that, you and your team must continuously apply world class thinking and execution techniques; the antidote for solving complex problems and issues…

Welcome to the world of CASPER™ Problem Solving & Issue Resolution…

Introducing CASPERTM Problem Solving & Issue Resolution

Issue resolution is your ability to cope with the problems that need to be solved, the decisions that need to be made, and the risks that need to be mitigated. It is your ability to think through these issues, and consistently take effective action to resolve them.

CASPERTM is our process that enables you to embrace the spirit of positive change. It is the methodology that can completely transform the everyday effectiveness of your workforce. It can give your teams the confidence to tackle any issue that the business throws at them with clarity and confidence. It will ensure that your teams are thinking and executing flawlessly. CASPERTM can help whole organisational cultures to make a breakthrough in business performance.

CASPERTM stands for Clarify-Analyse-Select-Plan-Execute-Review. It is our framework for outstanding issue resolution that has been inspired by world class business practice from the likes of Charles Kepner & Benjamin Tregoe, Taiichi Ohno, Stephen Covey, and Larry Bossidy. The structure is the same for all issues; Clarify it, Analyse it, Select the course of action, Plan it, Execute on it, and Review its success. Each stage of CASPERTM  is underpinned by a systematic thinking and execution process that can permamently resolve even the most challenging of organisational issues.

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How does CASPERTM Issue Resolution Training with Pico help?

By developing your people in this process you have taken the first step towards developing real Organisational Issue Resolution Capability. Organisations that have this capability, consistently avoid major risks, resolve problems quickly, and make smart decisions. They create accountable teams with the knowledge and skills to think clearly and execute swiftly.

Our step-by-step training is extremely interactive and hands-on.  Having learned the techniques, you will be coached to apply the CASPERTM process to numerous case exercises where you can experience the true power of good thinking combined with good doing for yourself. You will also immediately apply the techniques to your own issues and begin your own transformation journey.

By building a critical mass of CASPERTM trained practitioners, you will have taken a huge step towards generating real competitive advantage by transforming your people to think and execute flawlessly. The typical benefits that you can expect include:

  • Accelerated continuous improvement activity towards your operational excellence goals
  • Significantly enhanced root cause analysis capability leading to fewer quality issues and equipment failures
  • Improved strategic and operational decision making within your senior and front-line leaders
  • Accountable teams continually driving operational, safety and quality risks out of your business
  • Empowered people with a common language and process for resolving issues, driving action and delivering incredible results

Our Training

We offer several in-house training solutions depending on your specific business goals. It is always advisable to contact us first to help you design the right solution for your needs.

We offer CASPERTM training at 3 levels, Practitioner, Coach-Facilitator & Process Leader.

  • CASPERTM Practitioner – This training covers all of the key topics required to begin driving significant positive change using the CASPER™ process.. Practioners will be capable of effectively using the CASPER method on their own issues and resolving issues as part of a larger team.
  • CASPERTM Coach-Facilitator –  A coach-facilitator is responsible for coaching practitioners, as well as leading teams through the CASPERTM process. They will understand the CASPERTM process in depth, and be confident to facilitate it in front of a group. Coach-Facilitators become key champions when truly embedding the CASPERTM process into the way you work. They will attend an additional 3 days of training to deepen their learning as well as providing the skills and process required to effectively coach the CASPERTM process.
  • CASPERTM Process Leader –  Process Leader’s are certified under licence to deliver CASPERTM training throughout your organisation. Having been developed to practioner level, they will also attend a 5-day Train-the-Trainer program. Lastly, they will be coached and certified by one of our consultants as they deliver their first training course within your business. Developing Process Leaders is highly recommended for any organisation that is looking to develop more than 50 people.

Please see the table below for details of these courses:

Capability LevelPractitionerCoach-FacilitatorProcess Leader
Course Duration4 days
(often 2+2 days)
3 days
(after completion of the Practitioner level course)
5 days + 5 day certification (after completion of the Practitioner level course)
Maximum number of participants1688
LocationIn-house or public workshopIn-housePublic Workshop
Content and costsContact us for further course informationContact us for further course informationContact us for further course information

As well as these standard courses we are always happy to tailor training courses to your specific needs. In addition, we are now offering public training courses in the UK in CASPERTM Issue Resolution.

What should we do next?

While it is very typical for individuals and teams to positively change thier way of working having attended one of our training courses, training alone is rarely enough to transform an entire organisation. However powerful the tools, in order to unlock their true potential they need to be embedded into your processes, continuously coached, and driven relentlessly by your leaders. The true value of CASPERTM lies in your ability to take the learning from this training and then transition that into a true Organisational Issue Resolution Capability.

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