Building High Performance Teams (4-Step GAP)

The 4-Step Goal Achievement Process (4-Step GAP) has been developed to help create high performance teams that drive key weekly behaviours towards your critical goals. It is a process that will enable everyone in your organisation to have crystal clarity over how they can influence and support the business strategy. It is a process that drives results.

The 4-Step GAP process is underpinned by 4 key principles;

Principle 1: Focus – Teams that try to deliver 10+ goals typically deliver none. The first step for any business, is to agree on the overall critical goal of the organisation / function, and then to cascade those goals down to the teams. This will create a very narrow point of focus, which will allow resources to be concentrated where they will have the greatest impact.

Principle 2: Drive the Lead Measures – Rather than agonising over the critical goal (which is typically a lagging indicator of performance), teams should relentlessly pursue their key drivers of performance. These are the leading indicators that are both highly predictive of success in the lagging goal, as well as easy for the team to influence. Nobody wants to be given a goal they have very little control over – allow the team to pick a powerful set of leading measures that they can impact.

Principle 3: Keep Score – The insight here is that teams play differently when they’re keeping score. It’s as true in sport and it is in business. The GAP scoreboard monitors performance at 3 interdependent levels; effectiveness of the team, progress of the lead measures, & progress of the critical goal. By keeping a simple and engaging scoreboard at these 3 levels, everyone on the team should be able to tell (in 30 seconds or less) whether we are winning or losing, and why.

Principle 4: Maintain accountability – The final part of execution is ensuring that team members hold each other accountable for delivery of their promises. This requires a regular cycle of planning, executing, and reviewing, the delivery of personal commitments. This “GAP meeting” will probably look and feel very different to your team meetings today. It is a high intensity, 30 minute meeting, occurring on the same day, same time, each week. This regular meeting is the essential tool for building team accountability and driving positive action.

Our training has been carefully designed to provide an interactive learning experience that gives clarity and confidence in the 4-Step GAP process. This workshop can provide the necessary momentum and enthusiasm amongst your teams to transform their way of working. In doing so, you will have taken a major step towards building high performance teams that can consistently execute on your critical goals.

Please see the table below for details of this course:

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4-Step GAP

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2 days

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In-house at your site or another local venue

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As well as training, Pico Consulting can provide the coaching, consulting, and software necessary to embed 4-Step GAP into your organisation. Please contact us, to find out more.

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