Martin Stockman

MartinStockman-126x190[1]Martin has a strong emphasis and an outstanding track record in helping his clients to deliver true Operational Excellence.  He is a results focused senior consultant with a strong operational background having previously held a number of key operations roles. Martin thrives on the challenge of delivering substantial and sustained business improvements for his clients in terms of throughput, quality, cost, and service delivery.

Since his consulting career began in 2005 he has been combining his operational experience with a deep understanding of Lean Thinking methodologies originating from the Toyota Production System (TPS). Martin has a keen interest in developing problem solving capability and institutionalised systems of improvement. He considers the transfer to his clients of the required skills for “good thinking” and “good doing”, as essential for them to become self-sufficient in delivering great results.  He has worked across a number of challenging sectors including high reliability assembly operations, pharmaceutical, tier 1 automotive, retail operations and various manufacturing enterprises throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Martin has a talent for quickly learning and adapting to new supply chain environments, building rapport with team members from the shop floor to senior management, and then working with them collaboratively to deliver great results. He does this whilst embedding the vision, principles, systems, tools and skills required for the organisation to turn quick wins into sustainable continuous improvement . This exceptional skill set makes him a great asset to the Pico team. 

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