Peter King

Peter KingPeter has a deep passion and expertise in the area of Lean / Operational Excellence within the Process Industries. In this field, he has consistently demonstrated his capability as a practitioner, a consultant, a respected subject matter expert and, more recently, a published author.

Peter has been a consultant since 2007, having previously built a very successful career with the Dupont company. Here he held many managerial and internal consulting roles in R&D, manufacturing automation, work process improvement, lean manufacturing and supply chain improvement.

 Peter spent the last 18 years of his DuPont career applying World Class Manufacturing techniques to a huge range of DuPont products including synthetic fibers such as Dacron®, Lycra® & Kevlar®, automotive paints, performance lubricants, bulk chemicals, adhesives, sheet goods and food & beverage products. He has continued to serve similar industries in his seven years of private practiceHe is an expert in helping his process industry clients to map out their end-to-end value streams, identify the key wastes that are inhibiting flow and then develop the lean roadmap, principles, processes and tools necessary to deliver remarkable results.

Peter has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. He also holds qualifications in Six Sigma (2001), Lean Manufacturing (University of Michigan, 2002), and is a certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) by APICS – the Association for Operations Management.


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