Richard Martin – Senior Associate Consultant

Richard is one of the leading Operational Excellence consultants in Europe. As a firm believer of the principles and methods of the Toyota Production System (TPS), Richard helps his clients to dramatically eliminate waste, collapse throughput times and consistently deliver zero defects. He has a passion for driving business and cultural transformation within his clients to deliver step change improvements in business performance.

 Richard has over 12 years of consulting experience and almost 20 years of manufacturing operations experience, including Head of Operations for a Tier 1 Automotive supplier. It is here, working directly with Toyota & Honda, that he learned the principles & methods of TPS. Having previously delivered operational excellence transformation within his own company, his clients are able to benefit from his huge experience driven insight.

 As a consultant, Richard has delivered outstanding business results across a large array of organisations, particularly in the rail, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. He is a strong believer, however, that the principles of Operational Excellence can be successfully applied to any industry. His superb track record of delivering client results across industries speaks for itself.

 As well as delivering exceptional business results, Richard and his clients have also received external recognition for their impressive achievements. For example, in 2012 Richard advised and mentored a Leadership team who won the highly coveted German Trade Journal “Produktion” Award, for the category of “Outstanding Value Stream”. Richards’s energy & passion for helping his clients learn and apply the principles of lean and TPS, make him a key member of the Pico team.

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